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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c the electric -- electronic data management system and the electronic plan review system. it is a challenge to be able to do both of those at the same time in terms of putting up the documents and making sure that we are requesting is so tight, that it gives us time. i am totally behind you and i will do the best that i can to have staff working on that. >> perfect. >> additional questions? thank you. >> item fived, update on major
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projects -- -- item 5d, update on major projects. >> good morning, dear commissioner. i am so sorry to inform me of that [unintelligible] is sick this morning. we have already spoken to you regarding the high-profile jobs. for my experience, i did not have all of the data. besides those major high-profile projects, we did require a
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substantial amount of engineering and it -- and inspection staff to do that work. specially the last job coming back from city planning. a $170 million job. i echo, with commissioner murphy, we have staff and the inspector use, thinking about how to staff our staff. >> on the planned check and the plumbing, there does not seem to be in place this strong identification of plan checked through the plumbing division at the early stages of the project. >> as far as i know, now is
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only the major project labeled with an electrical and plumbing in the project. perhaps we have some discussion? >> it is one of the items we are looking at for next year. converting those into planned checkers. they would not do all the major ones, but they would work on the fifth floor. especially with the green ordinance conservation methods, it is just kidding more and more complex.
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we need more and more people that will look at just plumbing, just electrical. >> my concern is that we have a policy pushing forward with global intent. a technical item reviews the plan in part of it. especially on the front end. becoming problematic out in the field. >> it could be a further review of the process. >> commissioner? >> no. >> thank you very much, tom. >> item 5e, q-matic and
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status activation. it will be announced next monday, november 21. you are welcome to come. you can help us to improve it. >> thank you. we will initiate that. [laughter] ok. >> ok, thank you. thank you very much. >> item 5f, an update on other technology projects.
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>> we are continuing to focus on other projects. we have been doing web enhancements available over the web at this point in time. there were 160 inspections available. three are of four requests in a stage of system testing that will allow people to request the report. it does not allow people to get the request over the web. we have put in a new module. >> can they pay for it right there? >> we do not have it hooked up yet.
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we are looking at the same process that people can use to pay. it is the same system that you were would -- if you would use to pay your property taxes. >> an electrical or plumbing permits? >> exactly. we will work on that. we have had 130 boiler permit renewed to the web. we have told you on several occasions that all of our servers are going to be out of maintenance service at the end of this calendar year. we have been working with the department of technology to come up with a approval to purchase
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those. we have gone through several iterations. now they will allow us to do that. we're working closely with the human service agency to create a regional server. it would be our server room, located in our building. it will be a model implementation that the policy on information technology has said that they would like to reduce, which is the number of service firms. we were the first department to attempt to consolidate and work together and be will be the first apartment to work with
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information technology. conceptually, it is work. planning as work. i think that it will reflect well on our participation with other departments. just to jump down rather quickly, we are continuing to work with the department of technology, dtw, the assessor's office and enterprising system is by being able to work with our address in systems. right now there is a parallel in the updating of addresses.
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this has been a difficult, difficult profit -- project. so, that is a with a good situation. >> we are 90% there? 80% there? how far away are we? >> between 1% and 100%. [laughter] >> they are smart. it depends on how skeptical you are. >> we hold the city at risk? as a hostage? >> we always have our system. we always have our ability. this is getting a lot of different processes to agree with each other. i do not want to throw out a percentage. frankly, i am not sure.
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>> well, you would be wrong. >> like a weather forecast. [laughter] thank you. >> deputy director 11-- item 5g, update on new hires. >> i have two updates today. on the electrical inspection, we are ready for panel interviews. we are getting close on that. the posting closes on 1121. that was the update to the changes. >> have you looked at the
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electrical inspectors that have previously worked for the department? >> we will be looking at them and new applicants. >> any questions? >> discussion from commissioners? questions? >> none. >> any public comment on any of these items? the items in the director's report? >> good morning, commissioners. just a few items. first of all, the new website is very great. i look forward to the day that we can have access to all of the department someone website. getting new addresses assigned to properties, i wanted to
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commend you on that. leslie, getting appointments down for inspection of lime, i tried to do that online and i had a problem attempting to access that service. i will be going in to check on that. i think that we are all fairly well pleased with what is happening. thank you. >> are there categories that he brought up? >> just in forming an
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electrical, build and procedure. -- just in farming and electrical, building procedure. boilers. >> is there any additional public comment? item number six, commissioner questions and matters. at this time, commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding various documents, policies, practices and procedures, which are of interest to the commission. such as looking into how permits are canceled or notification. dpw, dph, and dpi getting together, as well as digitizing buthe 3r reports. >> i have an inquiry that maybe could be an agenda item sunday.
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about the ground floor accessibility of businesses, legislation requires the city to give priority to permit applications. i would like to get an idea of what applications are priority. how many types? how are we doing? how fast are things going? >> the vast majority of permits come from the fifth floor. you get it in a matter of hours. i do not think that that legislation will affect us that much. it might affect planning. sometimes you have to do a ramp or widen the doorway. you can write -- run up against design items. i think that, as far as the
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building department is concerned, we want to get the job one. >> i guess this second item, we discussed this at the nomination treaty last week. we would like to get some updates from the committee's that we appoint people to. the code advisory committee. just to get an idea of what they're doing and if they are running into roadblocks. we will have a presentation from them here. >> ok, sure. >> a great idea. maybe as part of our agenda we have an actual update from.
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since they are doing such important work for us, it is not a bad idea. >> i discussed this with sonya. she is willing to contact the representatives and they will provide a summary of the target goals. some of them meet only annually. others meet only every other month. sometimes there are disparities or discrepancies and i think that this preliminary report will provide a snapshot on what they have done or what they are doing. >> additional questions? let him know. >> item #6b.
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future meetings and agendas. at this time, the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. >> the general schedule for the next meeting, december 21, i think it will burden some of the commissioners. i would like to close out the year with full attendance. there might be, as it is december 21, we basically proposed that we may be moving it up by a week. the 14th. is everyone available? >> is that a special meeting? >> it would be a special meeting. >> if not, is it still going to
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be on the 21st, if we cannot get a room? >> it would have to be the 21st, then. >> ok. >> if you could find out, as soon as you can? >> will do. >> is there any public comment on item six, a or b? item number seven, review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of may 18, 2011. >> move to approve. >> is there any public comment on item number 7? is everyone in favor of approving the minutes? >> aye. >> the motion carries. item number eight, adjournment. >> is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved.
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>> those in favor? >> aye. >> we are adjourned. it is 11:50 a.m.
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>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly
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unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can
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the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about
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recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have
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been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i
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found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best.
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>> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts,
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it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our
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viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪


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